I have a new assistant, Collin Moret, who comes in full days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Since he is a 20-something and can get in and out of the dioramas a lot easier than I can, I put him in charge of painting the Leatherleaf leaves. This is a one leaf-by-one leaf process. The leaves are fragile and can break off the stems even though we previously used a ph balanced white glue to adhere most of them to their stems. This makes the painting a precarious job and has to be done very carefully. We find that we can only paint for about an hour and then have to take a break.


Collin painting. Note the “rosette of pitcher plants near his knee.

We also brought up the finished pitcher plants and at the end of the day, we installed two rosettes of seven to eight plants in the foreground.


We have enough plants painted for two more groupings of them. Eventually we will install a total of six or seven groups of the pitcher plants, but we have to first finish painting them!

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