More Success

leaf front leaf back

There are a lot of things still wrong with this leaf. The veins don’t match the creases in the 3D leaf, the veins need to taper off from thick to thin, the green leaf color is off, BUT this is the first time I have been able to get a transparent leaf with two sides with different colors and with the graphic detail showing through enough. What I think I have found is the method, now I just have to get the photo to match the mold and get the right color.

The key to getting this kind of two-toned cast is to use a thicker fabric such as Cotton Sheeting from Jacquard. Print the front side on the Cotton Sheeting, which because of the thicker material, keeps the ink from going all the way through. This inserts a white barrier between the front print and the back, so what is printed on the front doesn’t overpower the back. The back side was printed on Polyester Tafetta, but it may work to print both sides on the Cotton Sheeting.

I need to learn Photoshop so I can make the prints how I want them and not keep pestering Sally in Graphics

This was a good day.


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