More on the Leaves


The new sprig has larger leaves and more insect damage and is right in front.

I installed the red osier sprig into the Shoreline diorama. I was happy that the leaves look less artificial than what is in there now, but the translucency was not that apparent and the graphic quality of the leaves is not easily seen from outside the window. So, I have a new set of problems. I am going to have to pump up the graphics a bit more-especially the veins of the leaves so they will be visible. I also think the wax (or something else?) has to go on thinner. The detail of the vacuform leaf is lessened by the wax.

I think for now, I have decided that the first test with printed fabric may have been given the best results so far. Now, I have to find a suitable substitute for the “poly silk” material. I have purchased a test roll of a fabric called Habotai (pronounced habit-eye) from Jacquard inkjet fabric systems in CA. Sally is running a test with this material in our Epson inkjet printer. If it still isn’t right there are seven more with names like Cotton Lawn,Drepe de Chine, Poly Taffeta,Charmeuse, Fuji Broadcoth, etc…

This project has thrown me a lot of curve balls. Sometimes work on a problem is like that, but if I can work out the bugs, it will save an enormous amount of time for leaf production in the future. I remain hopeful!

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