Intrinsic/Extrinsic Painting

Today I started painting the bedbug.  I did a practice run on a reject cast first.  I tried painting with polyester resin and pigment extrinsically and found that it didn’t look right.  I thought that painting with the resin would make the color translucent and therefore it would work extrinsically, but I was wrong.  I decided to paint intrinsically, or inside the cast for the best results.  I use a specific colorant made for resins.  For the bedbug, I mixed a red and a blue for a bluish brown.  I load the brush with catalyzed resin (I double the amount of catalyst so it will set up in thin layers)  and pick up some of the pigment or vice versa and then apply it to the inside of the cast.

Epoxy cast of the bedbug abdomen before paint

Bedbug abdomen painted

As you can see, the intrinsic painting isn’t perfect and I will go back and touch it up intrinsically, but I also found that applying a lightly pigmented coat of resin extrinsically helps soften the irregularities.  I am fairly confident I can get good results with this method.


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