Grinding Out

I’ve got about 6 weeks to go to finish 4 models.  I am getting a lot of work done, but I’ve got a long way to go.  I looked at a photo of the bedbug today and was a bit depressed to see that I will have to cover every square mm of its body with hair!

I have cast both halves of the bedbug using the vacuform insert and 5 minute epoxy in the mold.  It’s not perfect, I will have to put in a number of hours of patching and sanding the cast.  As I cast more, I get better casts, so by the time I get to the lice casting, I should be a bit more up to speed.

I had two volunteers in today, Stephanie Loeb and Nina Petrochko.  Nina and I cast the second half of the bedbug and Stephanie took photos.  Here they are:

Plaster mold of half the bedbug abdomen

The mold was prepared with butcher’s wax and vaseline.  I mixed 3 cups of 5 minute epoxy with brown oil paint.

Five mInute epoxy poured into the mold. Before the vacuform insert is put in, epoxy is spatulaed up on the sides.

Vacuform insert put into mold

Nina and I push down on vacuform insert displacing epoxy up the sides of the mold.

If I had more time, I would shave the plaster form used in the vacuforming so the insert would fit better.  The lice are smaller than the bedbug and I should be able to undersize those before I make the vacuform insert.

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