Technical Learning Curve

So, after writing up the last blog about casting with the vacuform insert and epoxy, I was able to work up an undersized vacuform prototype from the pubic louse sculpture.

It’s a long story, but I had to make an intermediate mold and cast of the louse sculpture before I can make the final mold in silicone rubber.  I made this intermediate mold in alginate and cast in plaster.  I removed the plaster cast this morning and was able to keep the alginate intact.  I had to work fast because the alginate won’t last long and felt very dry to the touch.  I laid in a thin sheet of dental wax and heated it to fit in the alginate mold.  I poured plaster over the wax.  When it sets up, I’ll peel the wax away and I will have an undersized form to vacuform from.

Alginate mold of pubic louse with wax sheeting laid inside

Plaster poured over wax

I’ll let you know how this works (or not) in a week when I get the silicone mold finished.

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