Ignaz Matausch


Cross Section of a Mosquito!

I have already referred to Matausch in a previous blog, but I got to see his work at the American Museum last Friday (unfortunately, these models are no longer on display).  Lou Sorkin, after providing the engorged bedbugs, took me to a room where his insect models are stored.  I don’t know much about Matausch other than what was written in the March 28, 1914 article in Scientific American.  In this article, Matausch was putting the final touches on his flea model.  I include my photographs of some of his other models.  The models need to be cleaned and some need repair, but these are truly as good as this kind of work gets.  The bar was raised, possibly beyond what I can accomplish, by seeing these models.  It depresses me a bit, but also jolts me with knowledge of the level that modelmaking can go.

The 1914 Matausch flea at the AMNH

Body Louse

Look closely at the leg detail!

I stand in awe!

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