Ray Pupedis dropped off a small vial of bedbugs in alcohol today.  So much for the live specimens!  This is very exciting because I can now start to work on the details of the model.  I can look at two dimensional images all day and still not be able to understand the morphology of the insects.  Already, I have been able to see how the abdomen on the ventral side is shaped to cradle the legs.  Also, they seem to have 9 segments, not eight as it looks from the slides preparations.

Vial of Bedbugs (vile?)

I also contacted my friends who just went through an outbreak of head lice with their kids.  They “collected” several and (bless their hearts) they froze them for me.  I should get them on Sunday.  Ray wants to dissect the mouthparts and has micro tools to do so.  That is something I want to see!   Stay tuned for that blog…

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