Bigger Bedbug

Leonard Munstermann, Peabody Museum’s entomologist, dropped by my shop on Friday.  I get a kick out of seeing Leonard because he is so passionate about insects and has a dry, but somewhat twisted sense of humor I relate to!  For the last couple of days, I have been working on, what I call, “gestural models” in plasteline clay.  They are quick sculptures that I can rough out in a day.  It helps me to see what they might look like and I feel like I can change them around without losing a big investment of my time.  In this case, it was very helpful for Leonard to see them in 3D

Bedbug/Head Louse “Gestural” Sculptures

Leonard wants the viewing public to have some visceral understanding of the relative sizes of these insects, that the bedbug is much larger than the head louse.   He doesn’t want to explain it with text and thought that the two sculptures, as is, were too close in size.  So, I thought shrinking the head louse would make it hard for me to get the kind of detail that is called for and he agreed we could make the bedbug another size larger (I’m not sure what that size is yet).  I got inspired by Ecofauna’s giant insect models (see my earlier blog on High Quality Fabricators) and I’ll start by sculpting another gestural model of a bigger bedbug!


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