Bigger Bedbug II

I am sculpting another “gestural” model of the bedbug at 125% of what my last one was.  This size is big enough that I decided to add foam to the plywood armature so as not to use so much clay.  I didn’t do that on my other model and it was getting heavy.

November 3, 2010

I received word that Ray Pupedis will be able to get live bedbugs for me-maybe as soon as by tomorrow!  Now I have to decide whether I should keep a live colony or freeze them?  I imagine I won’t have many visitors if they know I’m keeping live bedbugs!  There is an amazing video of Lou Sorkin, an entomologistat the AMNH, talking about bedbugs while tending to his live colony.  He feeds them by placing them on his hand so they can bite him!  Entomologists call this a “blood meal”.  Check it out:


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