Giant Bedbug, Giant Head Louse

I was given a new project last week to create two more large-scale models of a bedbug and a head louse.  Last year I spent many months creating a deer tick and a West Nile virus carrying mosquito.

Deer Tick model 2009

The bodies of these models were sculpted first in plasteline clay and then molded in silicone rubber.  Casts of polyester resin were made from the molds.  Legs, antennae, claws, and eyes were later added.

The bedbug and head louse models will be done the same way and I will blog about the process I use as it progresses.  I will also create two models of the mouthparts of each insect engaged in sucking blood.  The exhibit on parasitic insects will open in June 2011, so this will be my topic through Halloween! and for the next 5 months.

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